2019: Chasing Aphrodite


Our site is releasing a TASMO simulation against a strong Turkish Naval Surface Attack Group south of Cyprus.

This is the final version of the requested scenario by our facebook page fans

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Special Thanks to Zaharias Tzamargias for its contribution during the development of the scenario !


Date: 30 September 2019

Since the events of June 2018 when the Turkish offshore Drilling ship with the name Conqueror arrived in Attaleia port, the combined Greek-Cypriot Forces have been on High Alert.

During the following months the turkish naval presence was limited around the Turkish shores. But after the political instability in Greece due to parliamentary elections (2019), the Turkish Navy has vastly expanded its activity in the sea area south of Cyprus, Eastern Med. A long period of tension between the three countries (Cyprus, Greece and Turkey) over the disputed offshore oil reserves of Cyprus (once a home the the mythical Goddess Aphrodite) seems to be reaching a flashpoint. Συνέχεια

Cyprus unveiling new «secret» Air Defense Systems during the national military parade

cyprus buk

The medium range BUK missiles can deploy a protective umbrella even upon the Northern Turkish occupied sector of the island

For the first time after nearly two decades of speculations, Cyprus unveiled during the 1st October military parade, the BUK M1-2 SAM batteries that provide a strong Air Defense above the whole island. Two TELAR along with a command vehicle were spotted during the parade.

Initially Cyprus wanted to acquire two Hi-SAM S-300 PMU-1 batteries back in the mid 90s. Due to diplomatic pressure from Turkey (threatening even with pre-emptive strike before those SAMs reach Cyprus soil) and to avoid further military escalation, Greece and Cyprus agreed to transfer the S-300 batteries to the Crete island and in exchange Greece would repay in military equipment. The total amount of the deal reached 460 million Euros. Συνέχεια

Greek Media obsessed with Turkey’s S-400 SAM deal


The aqcuisition of 4 S-400 Battalions for the needs of the TuAF is a big game changer in the Greek-Turkey arms race

The latest month initial rumours about a realistic Turkish S-400 deal became almost a certainty. A few days ago, President of Turkey, Reztep Tayip Erdogan confirmed that the first payment of the 2.5 billion dollar deal have been deposited to the Russians. Official reports have not disclosed any details yet, but according to Turkish media, this deal included the acquisition of 4xS-400 battalions along with a double payload of missiles and technology transfer. The latter will help Turkey integrate the S-400 Hi-SAM into their national Integrated Air Defence System. ASESLAN would probably be one of the key local contributors. This company has a vast amount of experience in military RF equipment and electronics.

Even if Turkey wanted to manufacture some parts of the S-400 systems locally, this was denied from the Russian side. All missile batteries will be manufactured in Russia and be delivered in a 2-year period. It is not known yet if the 48N6E3 EDM missile (250 km range) or the 400 km 40N6 missile will be the main armament of those SAMs. Neither if anti-ballistic 9M96 (can be quad packed, range 120 km) with high Pk missiles will be part of the deal. Συνέχεια

Does Turkey threaten Cyprus with war over Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) ?


Turkish navy in a show of force conducted military drills in Areas 6 and 7 of Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone

A few days ago, Turkish Navy conducted military exercises with live firing in areas which included part of the Cyprus EEZ. In parallel, turkish seismographic research ship Barbaros have initiated a series of research to identify the possibility of Oil and Gas in the area south of Cyprus. These activities violate the EEZ of Cyprus and raise tension in the area.


Επιλογή αναδόχου για το τουρκικό LPD/LHD και η νέα διαφαινόμενη απειλή

H εξαιρετικά επιτυχημένη σχεδίαση ελικοπτεροφόρου LHD Juan Carlos I έχει ήδη επιλεγεί και για το αυστραλιανό πρόγραμμα ναυπήγησης LHD

H εξαιρετικά επιτυχημένη σχεδίαση ελικοπτεροφόρου LHD Juan Carlos I έχει ήδη επιλεγεί και για το αυστραλιανό πρόγραμμα ναυπήγησης LHD. Εφόσον καταλήξουν σε συμφωνία μετά απο διαπραγματεύσεις η Τουρκία θα είναι ο τρίτος χρήστης του τύπου

Μετά από καθυστέρηση πολλών ετών έγινε τελικά η επιλογή αναδόχου για το πρόγραμμα εγχώριας ναυπήγησης LHD για τις ανάγκες προβολής ισχύος του Τουρκικού Πολεμικού Ναυτικού. Η σχεδίαση που επιλέχτηκε είναι αυτή των ισπανικών ναυπηγείων Navantia η οποία στηρίζεται στο ισπανικό μινι-αεροπλανοφόρο Juan Carlos I. H κατασκευή θα γίνει σε συνεργασία με τα  τουρκικά ναυπηγεία SEDEF Gemi İnşaatı A.Ş τα οποία είναι ο κύριος ανάδοχος. Τα 2 μέρη μπαίνουν πλέον στη φάση των διαπραγματεύσεων για την κατασκευή ενός πλοίου αμφίβιας επίθεσης LPD. Μαζί με το LPD θα κατασκευαστούν και 4 αποβατικά σκάφη μεταφοράς οχημάτων LCM, 2 αποβατικά μεταφοράς προσωπικού LCVP καθώς και 1 μικρό σκάφος διοίκησης. Θα αποκτηθεί επίσης και μια λέμβος RHIB.

Σε περίπτωση μη συμφωνίας τότε η Τουρκική Πλευρά θα προχωρήσει στην έναρξη διαπραγματεύσεων με τη δεύτερη επιλογή που είναι τα ναυπηγεία DESAN Deniz İnşaat Sanayi A.Ş η σχεδίαση των οποίων βασίζεται στο κορεάτικο LHD κλάσεως Dokdo . Συνέχεια