2019: Chasing Aphrodite


Our site is releasing a TASMO simulation against a strong Turkish Naval Surface Attack Group south of Cyprus.

This is the final version of the requested scenario by our facebook page fans

(Check https://www.facebook.com/defencegreece/)

Special Thanks to Zaharias Tzamargias for its contribution during the development of the scenario !


Date: 30 September 2019

Since the events of June 2018 when the Turkish offshore Drilling ship with the name Conqueror arrived in Attaleia port, the combined Greek-Cypriot Forces have been on High Alert.

During the following months the turkish naval presence was limited around the Turkish shores. But after the political instability in Greece due to parliamentary elections (2019), the Turkish Navy has vastly expanded its activity in the sea area south of Cyprus, Eastern Med. A long period of tension between the three countries (Cyprus, Greece and Turkey) over the disputed offshore oil reserves of Cyprus (once a home the the mythical Goddess Aphrodite) seems to be reaching a flashpoint. Συνέχεια

Greece upgrades 85 F-16 to the Viper level, partially financed by the USA !


Greece finally has given the green light for the F-16 Upgrade program to start!

Greece on 30th of April 2018 singed the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for the Viper Upgrade program, after a decision was made during the Saturday’s (28 April) last-minute KYSEA (Goverment Council on Defense and Foreign Policy). It took almost 6 months of negotiations between the Greek Goverment and the USAF (which is the prime guarantor for the progress and supervision of the Upgrade Program) until a contract was signed to upgrade 85 of the 154 F-16 to the latest Block 70/72 Viper variant. Total cost of the program is around 1.45 billion $.


Αναβάθμιση των νορβηγικών αντιαεροπορικών συστημάτων NASAMS

Βολή βλήματος AMRAAM από εκτοξευτή NASAMS (Πηγή wikipedia)

Βολή βλήματος AMRAAM από εκτοξευτή NASAMS (Πηγή wikipedia)

H εταιρεία Kongsberg υπέγραψε ένα συμβόλαιο 300 ΜΝΟΚ για την αναβάθμιση του νορβηγικού συστήματος αεράμυνας NASAMS II.

Το σύστημα NASAMS είναι προιόν συνεργασίας της Kongsberg και τηςRaytheon. H αναβάθμιση θα γίνει εντός 3 χρόνων. Η αναβάθμιση περιλαμβάνει εκτός από την αναβάθμιση του Κέντρο Διευθυνσης πυρός, την αναβάθμιση των ηλεκτρονικών των βλημάτων και την επέκταση του χρόνου ζωής.

Το σύστημα περιλαμβάνει ραντάρ 3D AN/TPQ-36A LASR (Low Altitude Surveillance RADAR), FDC ψηφιακό κέντρο διεύθυνσης πυρός και NASAMS Canister Launcher (6 βλήματα AMRAAM ο καθέ εκτοξευτής).